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Police Crime City: New York 3D


A new take on Police Cops in New York City! In Police Crime City: New York 3D you are starting out your career as a New York cop. Doing simple chores like transporting civilians in distress and transporting criminals. You’re sick of the job and dreaming of something else, that is when you decide to say screw you guys. Of course you need to pay your mortgage of your house, you still need to work. But the police cop inside you said not to do it the normal way. There is a way to do the police driving work, and still have some fun. Police car driving and ramps? How, i hear you asking? Well, picture this: Ramps, coins, flying cars and a railroad where you can drive over. Get money for the most amazing actions instead of doing work. Sounds great right? 10 cars to collect!
Take control of 10 Epic Police Cars and upgrade them! You can upgrade the engine, wheels and suspension of the police cars. As an added bonus we threw in the option to upgrade the nitro, to make the jumps even more amazing!
Police Crime City: New York 3D - Game Features: 10 Police Cars from New York and other cities, with more to come!Fully functional New York and Chicago with a cartoony edgeCities are filled with epic ramps to do amazing jumps with Nitro on the side! Upgradable police cars!
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